Collette Portis
Collette Portis's Fundraiser

I'm supporting the McDonald YMCA to Protect the Legacy of Mr. McDonald

Help me preserve this important piece of African American history. MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY!

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The McDonald Southeast YMCA works to build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. In 1903, the McDonald YMCA brand was established for African American residents of Fort Worth. It was officially named after William Madison McDonald in 1944. As the legacy continues, I'm excited to participate in supporting the completion of the new McDonald Southeast YMCA. Watch this video to see what we're doing to build strong communities.

Make your $25 monthly donation today and support me in support the Fort Worth Southeast community.

Thank you for helping us to make communities stronger.

You're Amazing,

Collette Portis, M.Ed., B.F.S.